Craig Lowell

Craig Lowell

Editor/Writer/Content Marketing

Craig Lowell is a New York-based writer. Since graduating from Holy Cross, he has written for Sports Illustrated, Gawker Media, NBA TV, TheFanHub, The Sports Post, and the North Adams Transcript.

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Third party 1500x350 article

How to Use Third Party Data to Prove Your Worth

Given all of these external requests, how can WebOps professionals ensure that their sites and the revenue generated by them are secure?

Opscast spotlight teridion blog1 1500x350 article

5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Third Parties - Catchpoint Blog

The fundamental promise of any service provider is to deliver improved metrics in whatever industry it resides; but to prove it, a neutral third party is required.

Geronimo article

Potential Late Round Steals at Wide Receiver - The Sports Post

As the NFL has become more of a pass-happy league, the premium placed on wide receivers has understandably gone up.

Tyvisdraft article

Who are the Sleepers of This Year's Secondary? - TSP

NFL teams have made no secret of the premium that is now placed on quality secondary players.

Oakman article

Will the Next Great Lineman be a Day 3 Pick? - The Sports Post

Five players whose names will almost certainly not be called on the first two days of the draft, but could still end up taking the league by storm in the years to come.

Nhlscoring article

Let's not Overthink the NHL's Scoring Problem - The Sports Post

Ever since the high-octane days of the 1980s, when NHL scoring reached its all-time peak at over eight goals per game, it seems that no one has been satisfied with the level of scoring around the league.

Shutterstock 267530162 article

DNS Resolution and Its Impact on User Experience - Catchpoint Blog

DNS Resolution and Its Impact on User Experience - ...

Dangirardi article

The Rangers Have a Dan Girardi Problem

The Rangers Have a Dan Girardi Problem - The Sports...

Wshsb article

Why the Washington Redskins Can Win the Super Bowl

No one, and I mean no one—least of all Daniel Snyder—expected the Washington Red****s to end up winning the NFC East.

Kane article

Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks' Murky Future

WIth their star winger under investigation for sexual assault, what could it mean for Chicago's chances?

Jkjm article

José Mourinho and the USMNT's Stars are Aligning

Believe it or not, the most recognizable coach in the world might just in perfect position to come Stateside.

Shutterstock 150007985 article

Another Facebook Outage Causes Ripple Effects Around the Web

Due to the social media giant’s increasingly large footprint throughout the web, the availability issues sent ripple effects throughout the web and were felt by many different sites that use Facebook for login capabilities, chat features, and ad serving.

Nym article

The Difference Depth has made in New York

The Difference Depth has made in New York | The Spo...

Rtx1negu article

Politics and Performance: The First Republican Primary Debate

Though much of the hoopla from last Thursday’s Republican Primary debate has died down, pollsters and talking heads are still delving into the aftermath of the candidates’ performances and how it might affect their popularity numbers going forward. We, of course, are interested in far different metrics.

Ny g henrik lundqvist mb 576 article

The NHL's Best Value Draft Picks of the Century

A run through every draft from 2000 through 2011 to find the best late round picks.